Billie Eilish rubbishes rumours about featuring in an adult film


Billie Eilish has slammed rumours which claim that the singer has featured in an adult film, saying people put on a green and black wig and pretend to be her.

The pop star stated: “You think I would be having [expletive] on a train in daylight? With a dress on and fishnets and a [expletive] peace-sign necklace? Dog, come on!”

The 18-year-old singer also went on to talk about how some people put on coloured wigs and pretend to be her when she was asked about the viral footage that had obscene content.

“People put a green and black wig on and go out in public and pretend to be me”, Billie vented. “They hire security and get a nice car, to be famous for a day. I think that shit is annoying!”

She further added, “It’s so mean. Every day I’m afraid someone is gonna do something, either fake something viral, or there’s gonna be some…I don’t even know what. It makes me look bad, if they’re being a [expletive], then everyone’s gonna think I was a [expletive],” Billie expressed her concern.

It seems like Billie Eilish is being surrounded by controversy of late. Before the contentious tape, Billie was called names and criticised for her body as she shared pictures of herself scantly dressed.