Big Brother star, Christine Varner recounts how her church kicked her out for divorcing her husband


Big Brother star, Christine Varner has recounted how her church kicked her out for divorcing her husband

According to the American reality show star, her Pastor also told her that her decision of getting a divorce because sex with her husband was painful, was not enough excuse.

Varner who disclosed that she was never attracted to her husband, stated that she had vaginismus which happens to a lot of religious women.

She tweeted;

When I got divorced my church kicked me out, everyone from it stopped talking to me(they were my only friends). My sister stopped talking to me, won’t come to any family events if I’m there, won’t let me see my nieces and nephews. Yes, all of this because of a divorce.

If you’re religious, PLEASE do not let it destroy your family or the ones you love. I promise you it won’t be worth it.

When I went to talk to my pastor I told him I would never have sex with my husband again (it was so extremely painful) and he said that is no excuse for a divorce. I wouldn’t wish a sexless life on my worst enemy dude. Come on.

My pastor saw my ex screaming the worst things to me when I went to pick up the last of my stuff, and guess what? It was MY fault that he was screaming because “I shut down and don’t talk”.

I had vaginismus which happens a lot to religious women. Sex with my ex was excruciatingly painful because I wasn’t attracted to him and didn’t like him tbh. Sex has been INCREDIBLE ever since I left. Just sayin. People would try and tell me it hurt bc of a yeast infection