Beyonce caught cringing at Sussexes second Disney pitch


It looks like Disney boss Bob Iger wasn’t the only top dog to receive a voiceover pitch from the Sussexes at the Lion King premier back in July 2019, a second pitch has emerged with Beyonce Knowles again in attendance, and she looks unimpressed.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted Beyonce shifting uncomfortably in the background as Harry repeats his pitch to Lion King director Jon Favreau, this time in more audible footage.

“Next time if there’s anyone who needs any extra voice-overs, we can make ourselves available,” Harry says in a jocular tone.
“That’s why we’re really here, to pitch,”

Meghan added as the whole group laughed.

Beyonce’s awkward reaction

In the background, however, Beyonce can be seen covering her face and shifting bin what some fans have interpreted as a sign of the pop star feeling uncomfortable as the pitch is made for the second time that night.

”Beyonce and Jay-Z not into Meghan bahaha! Not having it!” one fan wrote.

“Beyonce scratched her nose as if she was embarrassed for them and Jay Z laughed at Harry’s Scar joke,” another pointed out.

“The utter disbelief on Beyonce’s face said it all,” a third wrote.

The first pitch of the evening

On the same evening, a video was caught of Harry pitching Meghan’s voiceover work to Bog Iger as she chatted to Jay-Z and Beyonce.

In the wake of Harry and Meghan’s shock exit from royal life, news the Duchess of Sussex would be doing some charity voiceover work for Disney coupled with the video raised eyebrows.

Looks like it raised at least one pair of famous eyebrows at the time, as well.

Harry and Meghan have begun their transition out of royal life after a messy initial announcement saw them at odds with Buckingham Palace.

Harry spoke about the pair’s exit in a remarkably candid speech on Monday , labelling the move ‘the only option’ and expressing his disappointment in the fallout and ultimate result.