Beyoncé called out for appropriating Egyptian culture


For her spring collection, Beyoncé has been channelling ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti, with crop tops and hoodies featuring portraits of the singer wearing a headpiece similar to the one Nefertiti wore.

Some Egyptians aren’t happy about it. One person tweeted:

‘I’m all kinds of mad about Beyoncé literally selling herself as Nefertiti. My country’s history and culture has been so brutally commoditized and commercialized and exported to everyone’s satisfaction and convenience for GENERATIONS. I’m not spending a dime on her.’

Others have called her a ‘culture vulture’ and that if any other singer had done something similar, they’d be being dragged for cultural appropriation,Metro reports.

This isn’t the first time that Bey’s channelled African culture.

Back in 2017, her Grammys performance saw her dressed up as Oshun, the Yoruba deity. She had an African-themed baby shower.


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