Beyonce bans Jay Z from Formation tour?


That is what Radar Online is claiming. They claim Beyonce wants Jay Z to stay away from her upcoming Formation World tour because he stifles her creative energy… Really, Radar? Lol.

From Radar Online

“She needs a break from him,” an insider told Radar. “He never lets her out of his sight and it’s really bugging her out.” According to the insider, Beyonce, 34, feels her 46-year-old hubby is beginning to really pen her in.

“She worries at how much they mix business and pleasure and she wants some breathing room so she can refocus on her music and tour.”

“Jay can be very domineering when it comes to her work and life and she’s starting to feel creatively stifled,” continued the insider.

“She plans on writing new music on the road and she doesn’t want him there taking everything over all the time.”


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