“Bet what you can afford to lose” – Reactions as ex-banker contemplates suicide after losing all his money to sports betting in 4 years

A former Nigerian banker has taken to social media to lament about his poorly thought out decision to engage in virtual betting.

He revealed that a junior colleague at the bank e worked introduced him to it and he got addicted that he lost his entire savings.

The man who lamented in an online forum said that he he had lost everything in four years because he could not stop staking odds as each time he gets salary the whole money goes into the game.

According to the guy who is now unemployed, his marriage is about to crash and he is on the verge of committing suicide.

He said; “Sports Betting has ruined my life, i was a banker before a junior colleague introduce me to betting and in less than 4 years have lost everything I was soo addicted that once salary drops will stake all on 2odds right now my marriage is about to collapse my rent is due and am thinking suicide.”

Social media users shared advise to him and opened up on similar experiences.

@COTH_Official; If I have an opinion, my advice is: IF YOU WANNA STOP GAMBLING…

UNFOLLOW AND MUTE ALL THESE BETTING GUYS. All of them. MUTE THEM. you definitely will be a step ahead. Just an advice

@PstJoshuaPaul; Hmmm…my own advice to this person is that he should open up and come out clean to those who are directly affected by his addiction….and he must come to the point of telling himself the honest truth that it is either he stops gambling or gambling would soon stop him.

@faynder1; 25K in 08/09 is enough money to live large on, don’t know what you are still looking for

@NutPexsid; Always remember you’re not bad at betting the team just sucks! And also the money you lost yesterday won’t win itself back 😉

@SmokeBomber77; Last year, I was so addicted to betting that I use to place 1m naira on 2-3 odds and most times, I lose. I checked my bet9ja transactions history and saw that I was lost a Total of 16mi plus in just 2 years. God knows, I don’t knows I don’t know I have or could raise such money

@Living_inChrist; Any money you get by not meaningfully creating service to the society won’t give you a sustainable wealth. It may look good from the start but the end is very regrettable.. What service does gambling create to the person involved apart from enriching the company.?

@AquarianGod1; The guy who taught me betting gave me a rule which is “BET WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE” and that’s the lesson I will never forget. Any money meant for beer is converted for betting, I can’t borrow to bet nor use my rent money to bet. Greedy people prefer to learn the hard way.

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