Benin Pastor Shares Money In Church (Photos)


Ok guys, I came across this on Facebook and I actually knew someone from this church some years ago. I brought it here to Nairaland for two reasons.

1. To show people what a church ought to be, it ought to be a place where hungry people go to and they are fed, where the needy gets their needs met, where everyone lives happily together as family. That’s why the church is not taxed, because it is seen as a charity organization not a business venture.

2. My second reason for posting here,is for us to really debate if it’s right to give in front of cameras as a good Christian because according to the scripture, what you give to your left hand should stay hidden from your right. What could be the reason why so many men of God disregard this scripture today, could it be to SHOW OFF or to build the FAITH of others to give?

Let’s discuss!

If the only thing that is growing in your life is your age you need to do something about it ….you need to pray…. you’re not growing in ministry if you’re not growing financially you are not growing in your business you are not growing in your marriage you need are not growing in every area of your life you need to be prayerful….. I want to see a big congrats to our loyal pastors pastor bright and pastor festus our father bless them in church yesterday with 1 million Naira each Daddy we love you more Grace to live long to do signs and wonders in Jesus name amen