Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are caught having another tense exchange (Video)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were caught having what appeared to be another tense exchange in public, further fueling speculation that there could be trouble in their marriage.


According to Mail Online, the couple were driving in Beverly Hills earlier this month when they stopped at a red light and engaged in a heated conversation.

Ben, 50, who was behind the wheel, was seen talking to Jennifer as she sat in the passenger seat of his Rivian electric SUV, with the windows rolled down.  

A tourist, who witnessed the exchange after pulling up next to their car, told that it seemed ‘pretty clear’ by his body language that Ben ‘was frustrated or irritated’ while Jennifer appeared ‘timid.’

‘There were a lot of hand gestures, Ben was waving his hands up and down and it looked heated,’ she said.

‘J.Lo looked a little bit sad. They were so deep in conversation that they didn’t even look to the side once. They only looked at each other and the traffic light.

‘It clearly looks heated on his end, a discussion or argument. There were no other cars or people on the street,’ the source added.

The photos come just a day after a video of Affleck slamming the passenger door of his car after Jennifer got into the vehicle went viral on social media.

The recent terse public exchanges between the two have led several social media users to claim he must be ‘miserable’ in their marriage. 

Video below…


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