“Being single is good in the entertainment industry, now I’m single, I’m getting booked back to back” – Korra Obidi speaks on being happy her marriage crashed

Popular socialite and divorcee, Korra Obidi reveals why being single is good in the entertainment industry, as she speaks on the success she’s enjoying since she got divorced.

The single mother of two was recently interviewed on the “Heroes Diary” show where she discussed how being married limits one’s opportunity in the industry.

She noted that how people get excited and supportive when a person gets married and begins having kids.

However, over time, they began to lose their relevance, and they don’t get invited to shows, or being contacted to appear in movies.

But the very moment the person gets divorced or becomes single again, everyone expresses their sympathy and wants them back.

Korra Obidi concluded that being single is the best in the entertainment industry.

“One thing about we humans is that when somebody’s married. I don’t know you people don’t like the person anymore. You kind of like go ‘ahh happy married life’, and then ‘she can’t be on my show,’ ‘she can’t be in my movie’. But now I’m single… I’m getting booked back to back, so it’s good for me. I think being single is good in the industry.”

Watch her speak in the video below:

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