‘Before My Husband Goes On A Trip, He Gives Me A Lot Of Sex’- Anita Joseph


Actress Anita Joseph has shared with the media juicy stuffs relating to how she copes with the husband sexually and what made him settle with him the first place. Anita walked down the aisle with Nigerian comedian popularly called MC Fish not too long ago.

Speaking to Tontrends in an exclusive interview, the Nollywood thespian bared it all about herself and husband.

“What attracted me to my husband is that he loves God, he’s a power dresser, he speaks well, makes me laugh, respects and adores me and above all, he enjoys my company.

“Our relationship started after we met at an event. It was love at first sight and it was like magic. I settled for MC fish because you know, sometimes you just see someone and you know in your heart that God has settled this one.

“I was looking forward to it because we were so close; we think alike, behave alike and we love everything about us. When he brought it (the marriage proposal) up, I said why not? It was a beautiful one. Who again I for marry? He’s the best person to marry. So, I’d say yes over and over again.”

On sex, Anita added: “Sex is spiritual; it needs to be done with the right person. When my partner is not around, Haaaa, I control it o! We talk everyday, every morning, afternoon and night… So, I don’t yearn for sex that way. Before he travels, he makes sure he refills my tank. You know that type that will last for at least a week?”