Becca bleached her skin to please her Husband because Nigerian Ladies are fair – Akua Blakofe reveals


Once upon a time, a very beautiful and exciting ‘black beauty’ burst onto the Ghana music scene. With a fierce beauty and a silky voice, she became a fan favorite. She brought pride to Ghana and Africa when she proudly declared herself an “African Woman’.

But over the years, this African woman – I’m talking about Becca by the way – started bleaching – and soon she was more a mixed woman than an African woman. Becca has sometimes denied bleaching her skin but all those of us with eyes easily see what has happened.

Reacting to Becca’s bleaching, former Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC) official Akua Blakofe mocked the singer. In her recent single ‘No One’ featuring South African singer Busiwa, Becca sung: “I’m a woman and I’m black and I’m proud and I’m strong”.

Blakofe, reacting to the line said Becca is being a hypocrite. She mocked her for bleaching so she looks fairer for her Nigerian husband.