“Because you have access doesn’t make you better” – Do2dtun addresses VeryDarkMan for shading celebrities

Media personality Do2dtun is the latest celebrity to weigh into the ongoing beef between social media activist Very Dark Man and talent manager Paulo Okoye.

Tontrends reported that VDM, who attended Davido’s wedding, had claimed that most celebrities don’t have level as many of them sneaked into the party. He claimed that Iyabo Ojo and influencer Ashmusy weren’t invited to the main wedding but the after-party. He added that many skitmakers like Ashmusy and others were only invited to the After-party, and Nkechi Blessing almost got bounced at the venue.

Paulo Okoye had defended his girlfriend, Iyabo, expressing pity over his condition as he believed someone swore for him and VDM hit back, advising him to stay off his issue with Iyabo, and Paulo hit back, telling Davido and others to choose between them.

Speaking out, Do2dtun noted how Nigerians encourage so much irrelevance and make it a basis for stratification. He noted how we elevate a lollipop to a key to opening a money vault.

He added that just because one has access doesn’t make them better than anyone else.

“Nigerians and classism. We encourage so much irrelevances and make it a basis for stratification. We elevate a lollipop to a key to opening a money vault, but it’s just a Lollipop. Just cos you have access doesn’t make you better than anyone else…
my goodness, it’s not that deep.

You can’t make some good things look awkward and sad. Access is power, but it’s not happiness. We need to start building memories together, not habits that set us away from our own goals and building good relationships”.

Drumming support for him, one Ayomi wrote, “Loud am for people wey dey back abeg

One Mada Marital wrote, “Tell the black goal o

One Thee Bunmi wrote, “Class is class. It can’t be bought, and neither can it be taught. Even if you dress a clown in royal wear, true colours will still be shown

One Official Ugeed wrote, “Classism? No, I see complexity. A guy who feels attending a wedding makes him superior to others

One D Re Ijay wrote, “When you’re pøor, and you see yourself amongst the rich, you think you’ve arrived. Those are the ones barking; people who are used to class don’t attach importance to such”.

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