“Because he is Yoruba, person wey never see grammy hall” – Fans of Burna Boy and Olamide clash


There are so many talents in the Nigeria Music Industry right now which the country can currently boast of, but it seems most times when fame comes in, disrespect follows.


A pool was conducted on popular social media platform, Twitter, by a user who shared a tweet with the caption “Let’s settle this once and for all. Rt for Olamide Baddo, Like for Burna Boy.”

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This tweet has generated and is still generating lot of reactions on the platform as people have expressed their opinions concerning the debate.

One of the comments under the tweet read “Because he is Yoruba. Person wey never see Grammy hall.” Others felt that this comparison wasn’t needed as the already know who is better amongst the two.

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Others are of the opinion that Olamide is way better than Burna Boy and shouldn’t be compared with the latter. With some claiming that it’s disrespectful to compare both artist.