Beauty is not everything, your English is poor despite having all the facilities for learning – Marin blasts Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Television presenter, Nuria Marin, has hit out at Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina Rodriguez, for her recent presence at the Cannes Film Festival.

Rodriquez was recently adorned in an elegant ensemble by Ali Karoui, which caught the eyes of many in the 76th iteration of the globally acclaimed event.

Drawing both accolades and criticism, Rodriquez’s presence has stirred a buzz in the entertainment world as Marin was not impressed with her, saying she was surprised at her poor English skills, adding that beauty is not everything.

“Georgina [Rodriquez] has been preparing for the event for months. She is not an actress but she parades the red carpet,” Marin said (via MARCA).

“Really, I have to express my surprise at her poor English skills despite having all the facilities at her disposal for learning.

“After all, beauty is not everything – not everything is physical, there are other aspects to cultivate as well.”

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