Beautiful photos and dramatic apology a lady gave her hubby


Nobody likes saying sorry. It’s not fun. Even as adults we say it in a loud burst, like it’s being forcefully expelled from us after hours of holding it in. Or we whisper it while we stare down at our toes like a 3-year-old. Nobody likes being wrong. Being wrong is just wrong. It means you, as a person are wrong. Even worse, it means you are bad. We do all we can to avoid this feeling. We are good people, right? We are caring, loving people. We vote our conscience, we stand up for others, we recycle, we donate to charity. We are good people. Good people don’t have to say sorry. Until we do.

But this picture below says otherwise. This young lady posted pictures on twitter depicting her way of apologising to her man for the wrong she did.

see photo

Yes, she admitted she wronged him as she wrote ;

When you f**k up, then you have to apologize, but you do it dramatically.