“Be patient and resolve your issues; Marriage has no manual” – Nosa Rex advises Israel following his marriage crash

Nollywood actor, Nosa Rex has taken to social media to advise Israel DMW on resolving his marriage issues with his estranged wife, Sheila.

The actor began by stating that, as he has been married for eight years, he should be qualified to counsel married men.

He claimed that there is no longer any patience and that married people are becoming very self-conscious about their union.

He noted that marriage has no manual but experience have kept him going.

Nosa declared that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage and suggested that in order for a couple to understand one another, they should date before getting married.

Addressing Israel DMW’s marriage crash, Nosa criticised an influencer who attacked Israel for constantly prostrating for Afrobeat singer, Davido.

He counselled Israel to persevere in pursuing whatever endeavours provide for his needs and gives him relevance.

He ordered Israel DMW to settle with his wife as the matter is not worth splitting except there are still some skeletons in the closet.


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