Be careful which part of the marital stories you allow in your heart – OAP N6 warns


Popular Nigerian Radio Presenter and rapper Nnamdi Nwavalisi is well known as N6 has taken to his page to explain the differences in marriages and the uncertainties about marriage.

According to N6, there are some marriages that are good and free from the drama because the couples involved in these marriages are busy being blessed and also enjoying each other to the max in the marriage so they have no time to be yarning and causing a commotion on social media.

N6 further explained that those in mismatched love affairs or marriages are the ones full of drama. He says those people take to social media and create confusion and disgrace each other after the marriage or their relationship goes sour.

“Make I give una one Big Expo. C9 In this Life you will rarely Hear from the Good Marriages bcos the People involved in them are too Busy being Blessed and Enjoying themselves to the Max to be Yarning TwaTwa.

“Its these MisMatched love affairs where a Pitbull married an Orangutang then scattered after 9 months that are always in the News giving Hot Takes. q) Be Careful which side of the Marital divide’s Stories you are allowing to Fester in your Heartai If you bliv say Your own go work e go work.

“If your mind don dey cut due to Lambe being Peddled Upandan Your own Go Flop.’ The Tongue is Powerful but people forget the Tongue is greatly Influenced by what your Eyes see and What your Ears hear on a Regular. Stay woke@ #Shalom”