BBTitans: “If you say I’m your man and you’re my girl then I will be all about you” – Juicy tells Yvonne

Juicy Jay recently told Yvonne that if he eventually becomes her man, he would be all about her and only for her. He made this in a conversation they had this morning at the main lounge.

Recall Juicy Jay told Yvonne that he is attracted to her and he likes her. Ever since Juicy Jay told Yvonne about his feelings towards her, he has been keeping his tabs on her. Most times, the duo would be seen talking and sharing deep moments with each other.

In recent developments, Juicy Jay made Yvonne know that he is a loyal person if she wants him to be. He also told Yvonne to be his girl. Yvonne on the other hand said she can’t do that because, it is his choice and not hers.

Juicy jay told Yvonne; “if you say I’m your man and you’re my girl then I’ll be about you”.

Watch the full clip here

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