BBN’s Cindy Okafor in all shades of pretty in pictures


Cindy Okafor, Ex BBN season 4 pepper dem gang edition has been serving us some slaying goals in beautiful pictures since she the show ended.

We’ll recall that Cindy was a lady who looked humble in the house which made some of her fellow contestant bully her because she didn’t have the slay queen looks or poise. This attracted pity to her and she won votes from Nigerians .

She also sealed it as she was seen applying make up from a black nylon which didn’t go well with a lot of Nigerians. Zaron a renowned brand of cosmetics had to gift her some make up kit to upgrade her looks.

However, since the show ended Cindy has been showing us her fierce side as she’s seen posting beautiful pictures on her social media page

See the pictures below;