BBNaija palava: Is Natacha ‘Tacha’ Akide really an influencer?


Some things are just quit quite awkward at first glance, and when one takes a closer look at the situation then maybe it understandable why the situation evolved in the first instance. On a faithful weekend when people are preparing for the new week ahead, then this particular trend caught my attention on twitter – #TachaTheUltimateInfluencer | I know you are asking what prompted the trend, right?

And it turns out it is simply another dose of bragging from the usual ‘noisemakers’ like many observers have now realized already, and this time the Titans are insinuating that disqualified BBNaija housemate Tacha is for sure the Ultimate Influencer there is around. However checking the different tweets on the hashtag #TachaTheUltimateInfluencer there are some very ‘interesting’ comments about how the Titans are describing “who is supposed to be tagged an Influencer”.

One Tacha fan insinuated that for anybody to become an influencer he/she “must have the blue tick (verification tag) on the account profile. Another supporter claimed that as an influencer one must be “recognized & followed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey” – sounds ridiculous, right? And a Titan as well stated one of the criteria of a ‘top influencer’ is to “trend everyday”.

Curiously at this point I am tempted to ask if it’s worth it for a supposed “top influencer” to trend endlessly WITHOUT EFFECTIVE impact? Or what does it profit the “Ultimate Infuencer” to trend virtually everyday while unable to secure the most viable deals out there in the competitive corporate world? What is the point of being the “Ultimate Influencer” when you cannot even strike the biggest money deals – while her ‘rival’ Queen of Highlights Mercy Eke struck about 3 major deals just last week without been tagged an “Influencer”! Or have the Titans lost the meaning of who an influencer really is?

Anyways, what’s your own view about this trend #TachaTheUltimateInfluencer – feel free to make your comments.