Bbnaija Esther fires back at Frodd for making her spread her legs for him


When this whole love story of Frodd liking Esther began Nigerians were overreacting. Few months later Esther has been dumped and body shamed.

Bbnaija Esther Fires Back At Frodd For Making Her Spread Her Legs For Him
However, the funniest part was that Esther was feeling like Beyonce at that time when Frodd would scrub and wash her underwear even her panties, can you imagine!!

The girl was just something else, well who knew sharp igbo boy was up to something. After eating the pot of soup, here it is who else wants to have a taste? Lol.

Frodd even went further and told Venita she was his spec, his kind of woman during the Big brother reunion show in the presence of Esther who was starring at her self. Obviously, Esther knew she was not as pretty as Venita and kept her mouth shut, very unlike the Esther we know.

However, Esther now knows the feeling of being used and dumped like a piece of trash, Esther who was body shamed by Frodd, replied Frodd’s action via a post on instagram.

Moreso, Nigerian seem to be loving the new Frodd below are some reactions.