BBNAIJA 2019: Mercy, I can’t wait to do mercy with Ike


The pepper Dem gang, Mercy has declared her undying love for Ex-housemate Ikechukwu Onyema as she said he is her kind of man.

Mercy and Ike had a good relationship in the house which doesn’t seems stopping any soon as mercy has said she would do everything with Ike.

Mercy had an interview with the host, she shared her journey in the house, responding to a question how she fail in love with Ike, she said Ike is her kind of man as she likes her men strong.

She said Ike is my kind of man, I like them strong, I don’t like soft guys, I like them strong and hard and I am looking forward to collaborating with him.

She said ” I want to do everything with Ike, I want him to bring his A-game. Ike is very ambitious and that’s my kind of man, he will push me, I will push him, I am looking forward to working with him, we will do everything together.