BBN Diane shares perspective towards life & she nailed it


Former Big Brother Naija reality tv star Diane Russet has shared her perspective about life on her Instagram Story after a fan asked her what she thought about life.

Diane has engaged in different projects since leaving the Big Brother Naija house to the point that she can pass for one of the most successful BBN stars since leaving the reality show.

You’d be so shocked to hear what her thoughts about life are.

The beautiful ex-reality tv show star just turned 24 and she has increased her pace once more. While she was 23, she became famous courtesy of her appearance on Nigeria’s most popular reality tv show, Big Brother Naija.

Life on its own has been really beautiful for the reality star, maybe that’s why the fan decided to ask her thoughts about life.

Diane had taken to her Instagram story to start Instagram questions and answers session and her fans participated in their numbers, asking her various questions.

Then one fan asks: “What’s your perspective towards life?”

Responding to the question from the fan, Diane replied stating that life was a pot of beans.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, live and be happy,” Diane states on her Instagram story.