BBN: “Baby, I’ll teach you how to cook” Kidd tells Erica after she made breakfast


Our love birds are at it again.

You will recall that Erica came out to say that she’s not so good when it’s comes to cooking during the whole Ka3na saga. So she decided to try something out today this is what we have.

She made egg sauce for her and a few housemates and maybe it didn’t turn out well after Kiddwaya tasted it but then he didn’t say it. Why would he? He doesn’t want her to feel bad so he had to pretend right?

Well, he told her some time later that he would start teaching her how to cook. Why do you think he made that statement? He obviously had his reasons which we all think is he fact that maybe the food Erica made this morning didnt taste well.

Well, here’s what the fans have to say