Basic steps of successful paper writing

Get acquainted with the following steps that will help you to write brilliant papers in a stress-free way. Experts of a renowned custom writing service unveil professional secrets.


Writing Essays: Step by Step

Students often neglect the importance of essay writing, thinking that it is just another way of killing time on teacher’s demand. However, there are situations when essay can play sufficient role for future education and career: admissions papers. One may say that the chances of being accepted to a desired college depend on grades mostly, still, in many cases essays become the difference makers. Members of admissions committee search for original, creative and detailed essays that prove that their authors are committed to studying in certain educational institution and will make a great contribution to campus life. No wonder that many graduates from high schools search for assistance with admissions paper writing at professional companies like 10 page Thus they get a guarantee that their pieces of writing will stand out from the crowd and admissions officers will definitely notice and remember them.

Still, if you want to complete this task on your own but have no idea how to start, this article will help you to create a top-notch paper that will hit the spot.

  1. Topic

Come up with a catching topic, if you have a possibility to select a theme singlehanded. If not, you can select a type of the paper: you can be specific and take analytical tone, or choose narrative style, it’s up to you. In case if you have a freedom of choice, then take an advantage of it. You can write about things that really matter to you, still, it is necessary to figure out first, what is the main goal of your paper: to inform about something or to persuade readers? Jot down the ideas you have and brainstorm the relevance and importance of them. And do not forget that the point of your interest is crucial – it’s like an icing on the cake that can boost the level of your essay.

  1. Outline

Do not start writing without an outline – it is an axiom. Even pro writers do not neglect this step, let alone writers like you. Besides, many students seek assistance of professional writers asking them to help with outlining the paper. Having clear and logical structure it is much easier to write the text.

  1. Create a thesis statement

Do not be afraid of the high-sounding name: this part is a core idea of your paper. There you have to state the main issue of the paper and how you are going to cover it. Usually it is a couple of sentences, so try to use only clear and precise phrases.

  1. Body of the text

This part of the text deals with the explanation of the thesis statement. No matter if whether you are writing essay or a book review – here you have to develop the ideas you’ve expressed in the thesis. Each idea requires separate paragraph with its own intro, body and conclusion. It is necessary to support ideas with pieces of evidence and highlight the connection between idea and given proof.

  1. Introduction

You heard right. Professional writers complete the intro after the body of the text. There are several explanations: often writers change the point of view during writing of the body of the text so they have to change the intro. Plus, you will know what kind of hook sentence the beginning needs.

  1. Conclusion

With help of this section you combine the beginning and ending of the paper putting emphasis on the correctness of your statements.

  1. Editing and proofreading

This stage is as important as writing of the whole paper. Editors often change up to 30% of the paper making sure that it is perfect in terms of language, logic and style of the paper. More than that, it is advisable to wait for some time and then, with fresh eye, read and edit the paper.

  1. Use well-written samples

One may find papers written by pro writers and published as an evidence of high quality of their work. It is possible to use them as a template for your work, as they are structured and arranged in the best accurate and correct way.


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