Barber causes a stir as he applies mathematics to customer’s haircut (Video)

A TikTok barber has captured the audience’s attention by applying mathematics to measure customer’s head.

Going by the moniker “Geometric Barber,” he has quickly become a sensation for his unconventional method of using mathematical calculations to achieve hair and beard cuts.

In a video posted on TikTok, the Geometric Barber showcased his skills by employing an array of mathematical tools to measure his customer’s face and beard.

With a ruler, pencil, chalk, and a set square at his disposal, he executed his craft with the meticulousness of a mathematician solving a complex equation.

As the camera rolled, the Geometric Barber could be seen attentively measuring and drawing lines on his client’s face, all while jotting down figures with the help of chalk.

The combination of geometry and hairstyling techniques were mesmerizing to watch as he effortlessly translated mathematical principles into the art of hairstyling.

The results of his work left his TikTok followers astounded. Comments flooded in, praising his unique approach and exceptional results.

Netizens Reactions…
@Cod RARA said; “You helped him but you didn’t save him.”

@Shukrani_710 | Billionaire commented; “When the maths student ends up solving the haircut equation.”

@Arnold commented; “Let me get that Pythagorean theorem edge up.”

@Sheluvschp said; “So this is what my maths teacher meant by we would use it later in life about all the useless maths we did.”

@thierno said; “My math teacher says that for any work, you have to apply mathematics.”

@Franklin HP commented; “When your friend the architect puts his barbershop.”

@joe10black said; “Dad, I’ll just finish my engineering degree so you can leave me alone, then I’ll dedicate myself to HAIRDRESSING.”

@Lore said; “When you graduated in engineering but your dream is to be a hairdresser.”

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