Barack Obama Looks Good On A Pair Of Chinos


Barack Obama hasn’t always been fashionable; he was stuck in plain black suits for a decade and has a history of dad jeans, and since leaving office his experiments with style have produced mixed results . That said, as a naturally elegant and handsome man, the former president is one of those people who always looks well-tailored. But an image of him has been circulating in recent days that has called to attention just how well-tailored he can look:

The photo, from last December, has been making the rounds on the internet this week — often accompanied by ample “tongue” and “sweat” emojis. I have to respectfully agree with the sentiment that yes, Obama is very hot. But the outfit is what I’m concerned with. It’s simply perfect: the chinos are flawlessly cropped, the Stan Smiths are pristine, the soupçon of ankle peeking out of his pant is just right.