Barack Obama follows pornstar Sara Jay on Twitter


Social media is filled with surprises and one may never know what they will stumble upon. This time, the new topic of discussion on social media is former President Barack Obama. No, it’s got nothing to do with his presidency or President Donald Trump pointing fingers at him.

It so happened that the social media followers of the former president found with surprise that among the people Obama has been following on Twitter, there was Sara Jay, a former adult film star.

The revelation came when one of the Twitter users checked Jay’s followers’ list and realized Obama was following her. Since then, there was no turning back. This piece of information was shared on social media for countless times and people since then have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the same.

“Sees that Sara Jay is top trending — Sees that Sara Jay has a Twitter account — Sees who is following Sara Jay 2020 is WEEEEEIIIIIIRD,” one user wrote while sharing an image with the proof that the former President did indeed follow Jay.

“He follows 600k people on Twitter. I’m pretty sure it’s full of porn stars. I wouldn’t know their names though,” one user assumed. “I did so much damn investigation to like really really make sure this shit legitimate and I regret to inform everyone that yes, the former president of the united states really is following a god damn porn star on Twitter. we really in the end times,” another commented on the same.

However, quite a few came to his defense as one wrote, “Do you really think he manages his own twitter account? Think about it. He is too classy to get caught up like that. A staffer was responsible for that and/or his account was duplicated. He may like porn but the general public will never know.”

Another added, “Obama follows me on Twitter and I don’t think he’s ever looked at my profile. I followed him back in 2009 when I first started my twitter and he automatically followed back. I’m sure most of the people he followed were due to staffers expanding his social media reach.”