Bambam and Teddy A; The Biggest Love Story Written in Our Eyes


Love after all they said is a glamorous thing, but it is eternally more glamorous when you know the story behind every love stride taken by lovers. For many, Big Brother Nigeria is a show that encourages immorality and sexual crusade on national TV, while many see it as an avenue to get quality entertainment. For any of the above intentions, many beautiful moments have been created by Big Brother Nigeria and many will still be created irrespective of people’s opinion.

Bam Bam and Teddy A happens to be the biggest love story written in our very own eyes, acted in our very own eyes and perhaps grossed the most adulation in the last one year. It’s no longer news that the two love birds took it to the altar and are currently having their wedding batch in Dubai. What started from a crowded house of strange people from different backgrounds have grown into the branch of love narrative that will be referenced to anytime Big Brother Nigeria is involved.

I am not that huge fan of the Big Brother Nigeria reality show, but I followed the proceedings of the previous seasons before the just-concluded season, the BamTeddy story was fascinating and cliche at the same time owning to the fact that people felt nothing can actually be built on something. The argument was, it was all scripted and a sham, that they won’t get to work in real life outside the reality show. Although, a greater part rooted for them to work when the tension heightened at the tail end of the show.
The biggest plot twist was Bam Bam’s eviction that exposed Teddy A’s emotional side, that moment unraveled to us the unnoticed feelings that we might have skipped due to the euphoria of the other housemate getting us entertained.

A week later, Teddy also got evicted from the house and that started a new phase in their love story, a phase where there is no camera, light and action, a phase where there is no big brother or fellow housemate to flatter them, a phase where they have to put actions and sacrifices into their daily lives.

As Love will have it, fate stayed behind them in their extraordinary love sojourn, BamTeddy broke the internet with their engagement, and so many social media users got in the mood to gather a bouquet of tweets, captions and repost. It was a day to think about life if you’re single, everywhere on Twitter and Instagram were saturated with their pictures, they got a wedding Hashtag and many other side stories about their love life.

The traditional wedding came with the couple looking all ravishing, gorgeous and beautiful, Bambam was the center of attention and attraction, she was a delight to behold in her attire, and the happiness on her face was overflowing from every picture that makes their way to the media space.

To make the love story more detailed, one breaker point surfaced online when Johnny Drille spotlighted the lovebirds as the main cast in the video of his soulful love song “Count on You”. It was breathtaking to watch something organic, the very love story that scripted in our very own eyes has become a journey of forever and ever, a journey that will be clouded with so many expectations.