B2K’s Lil Fizz claps back at Joe Budden for criticizing Apryl Jones romance


Lil Fizz has recently been drawing controversy for dating Apryl Jones, the baby mama and former girlfriend of his B2K bandmate Omarion. Among those who don’t approve of the couple’s relationship is Joe Budden, and the rapper-turned-podcast host is not afraid to let his feelings known on social media.

In a since-deleted tweet, Joe wrote, “Omarion don’t get enough credit for just chillin cuz man listen…,” clearly taking the 34-year-old singer’s side. Even though the tweet had been deleted, it didn’t take too long for screenshots of the post to make its way out online, and that was when Fizz took notice of it. Not having what the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star said, he clapped back, “Lol #MrPumpitUp clout chasing now.”

Fizz and Apryl’s dating rumors had been going on for a few months. Following numerous denials, the lovebirds finally confirmed it through an episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”. In the episode, the two were having dinner together when Fizz asked Apryl to be his girlfriend, to which the 32-year-old happily accepted. They later sealed their romance with a kiss.

“People are going to create stories if they see me with any guy and this point, I don’t give two s**ts,” she said on the VH1 show. “I don’t live my life for the Internet. I do what the f**k I want to do. I’m a grown a** woman. But what you’re not going to do is come for Apryl because I will come for you in the right way.”

Their romance immediately drew criticism from social media users, who found it weird that Fizz is dating the ex-girlfriend and baby mama of his friend Omarion. Despite the backlash, the pair appeared to ignore it and continued showing their love on social media. Recently, Fizz even posted a video of him playing with his girl’s booty.