Ayesha Curry reflects on motherhood as she shares beautiful photo with her newborn


Ayesha Curry welcomed her third child with husband Stephen Curry a few days ago, and has taken to IG to reflect on the mptherhood joruney again.

Read her piece below;

It’s so hard to believe that today was my actual due date! Our little man decided to make his grand appearance super early at 36 wks completely healthy and for that we are forever grateful! It’s been an interesting 3 ish weeks settling in to being a family of 5! The girls have been but a dream. There have been lots of ups and downs though on my end. Wrapping my head around the fact that he was already here, struggles with nursing(which I hadn’t experienced in the past) and of course coming to the realization that I do in fact only have two hands and what seems like half a brain 😌😆. Just keeping it real, you lose a little bit with each baby and it never comes back ahah! I’m full of emotion today and just trying to soak in all of this new baby goodness because time feels like it’s flying already! Anyone else can’t get enough of that new baby smell?! 🤱🏽😍


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