Ay Comedian Says Coronavirus Is A Blessing


48 year old actor and comedian made an astonishing statement on the epidemic coronavirus, he said that the Nigerian government will be forced to provide good health system/ facilities in Nigeria by the time they are forced to go there to get treated from coronavirus.

He added that all politicians that were tested positive to coronavirus should be taken to our own public hospitals for treatment.

Recently, new cases of coronavirus emerged among top dignitaries and governors in Nigeria, the renowned comedian Ayo Makun AY, has suggested the positive impact that coronavirus disease will create to the country’s health system.

He said ” All the politicians testing positive should be taken to the poor health centers they initially left for the masses. Either we like it or not, the Covid19 will have a positive impact on the Nigeria system of govt, particularly the health sector.

Just like Don jazzy said on his Twitter handle that Nigerian politicians who have tested positive to coronavirus have refused to provide good hospitals for Nigerians, they are now stranded here in Nigeria because they can not travel out of the country to get the health care treatment they usually get in developed countries.