Avon Hmo takes healthcare to communities with MyCityMyFootball

Avon HMO

This is one of the reasons behind the launch of the My City My Football initiative by leading health maintenance organisation, Avon Healthcare Limited (Avon HMO). The company’s mission to empower Nigerians to live healthier, fuller lives have inspired them to embark on a health awareness tour of Lagos to support and encourage healthy living in communities across the city.

Football is a game enjoyed by millions of Nigerians and by using the game as a point of contact, the company aims to reach millions of Nigerians in order to educate them about their health and the importance of fitness as a lifestyle choice. In addition to health education, Avon HMO is also giving out lots of amazing gifts to the people of these communities.

Participating in sporting activities is one of the fun ways to stay fit and healthy and with football being a game that brings people of various backgrounds together across communities, we believe it’s a great opportunity to connect with the grassroots and improve their health awareness,” Adesimbo Ukiri, CEO of Avon HMO enthused.

Five communities have been earmarked for the first phase of the tour and the company has already visited three neighbourhood pitches – Dolphin Field at Obalende, Abraham Adesanya Estate in Ajah and the Itedo Community Field in Ikate. Over the course of the tour, the organisation has committed to giving health awareness talks and counselling sessions, free health checks as well as fitness gear and health monitoring devices to both players and spectators alike.

“In the communities, we’ve visited so far it’s mind-blowing to see that some people have never had even the most basic health checks. This is Lagos so imagine what the situation would be in other parts of the country. With My City My Football, our desire is to see an improvement in the health consciousness and lifestyle habits of Nigerians so that they can make better choices,” Adesimbo added.

The tour has been well received by the people of Lagos and beyond, with hundreds of people trooping out to engage with the Avon HMO team and participate in their wellness checks and other activities. Nigerians from across the country have also commended the initiative on social media, with many clamouring for the organisation to visit their communities as well.

According, to Obinna Mbaneme, one of the residents of Abraham Adesanya Estate and a beneficiary of Avon HMO’s free health check, staying fit is important but there’s also a need for individuals to have an eye on their key health indicators.

“I think what Avon HMO is doing is a welcome development. I’ve seen professional footballers slump and die on the field of play and this might be due to some underlying factors that went unseen so you cannot overemphasise the importance of regular checks.”

For Avon HMO, the journey continues with three communities remaining and they are encouraging Nigerians to invite them in order to be part of the My City My Football experience.

Licensed in 2012, Avon Healthcare Ltd (Avon HMO) is a leading health management organization providing healthcare plans and other healthcare services to all Nigerians – individuals, families, groups, companies and communities. In 2015, Avon became the first HMO in the country to serve the retail market with an array of health plan options, offering everyone the opportunity to subscribe and pay via their mobile devices. By providing broad access to quality healthcare products and services, Avon is empowering Nigerians to live healthier, fuller lives.

Avon HMO is a part of the Heirs Holdings Group, an African proprietary investment company driving Africa’s development through long-term investments in key sectors.

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