“Avoid transferring infection” – Udoka urges international travelers

Yellow Fever Certificate

Medical Director, First Hospital Umuokpu, Awka, Dr. Udoka Imagie announced that travelers out of the country should always get vaccinated with Yellow Fever vaccines before leaving the country.

Imagie urged international travelers to always keep the yellow cards in the holders’ passport as it was medical clearance evidence for travel. The medical practitioner said that travelers should always make sure they were fully vaccinated as it was dangerous to do otherwise.

The announcement was done during his lecture which was meant to mark the international and Award Night of Rotary Club of Akwa Metropolis, district 9142 in Akwa on Monday.

Imagie stated that the importance of the vaccination before travel could not be taken for granted but must be done for international travelers in order to be safe. He said;

“The whole essence of the yellow fever vaccination is to avoid transferring infections to the people hosting them.”

He also encouraged travelers to carry along with them while traveling, their yellow fever certificates as a show of proof of their clean health status to avoid embarrassment.

Yellow Fever Certificate(L) & International Passport(R)

According to the director, yellow fever is seen as an acute mosquito-borne viral infection, an illness that consisted of the urban form in which the virus is transmitted via the mosquito (Aedes Egypt species) from man to man, stating in his lecture that the virus was transmitted from monkey to monkey.

He said that man got accidentally infected in the forest as well and that the incubation period of three to six days and the symptom occurred quickly after exposure. He stated;

“The symptoms include fever and chills, ache and muscle joint pains and backache, among others. “These symptoms continue for three to four days and the phase is known as the “Dente phase”.

Imagie also stressed that it was after the acute phase of the infection that symptoms begin to vanish, adding that most patients regain health at the stage and some may develop to a more severe stage. He said;

“After the acute phase is over, the symptoms will begin to disappear. “Most of the patients of yellow fever recover at this stage about 15 percent of the patients will develop to a more severe form of the illness known as Toxic phase. “During this phase, the symptoms and signs in the acute phase come in a severe form in addition to bleeding from the various parts of the body.”