“Avoid Lagos women, 90 percent of city women are…, you have better chance if you pick in the village” – Nigerian man advises men

A Nigerian man identified as Emediong Sunday, has asked men to ??avoid” Lagos women as 90% of city women are like ‘maggot infested Udara’

“Udala abi udara ? what ever is it this stuff was called. One way to know the one that taste nice is by actually opening it and tasting it. However.. If you buy those ones at ijesha bus stop , cele bus stop .. orisenbare .. ejigbo .. akoka.. beggar .. you definitely buy a maggot infested udara,” he wrote. 

“If you den move out of mainland to Victoria island .. you are getting a sour taste .. mare looking at it ( it will slap the hell out of your taste bud and jaw) Your success of getting a sweet one is ( if you go to the village ) wake up 5:00am and go pick it where it fell on its own. Those ones are damn sweet

?Avoid Lagos vvomen. 90 percent of City vvomen are nothing but a maggot infested udara .. or a feminist with sour taste. You have better chance of sweet udara if you picked it yourself under the udara tree in the village? 

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