Australian Prime Minister continues to differ in virus origin

Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks during a press conference following a National Cabinet meeting Parliament House on 8 May 2020 in Canberra, Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoked about Australia’s position on the theory repeated by Trump and Mike Pompeo that the virus emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan.

Scott Morrison has carefully declined to buy into the lab origin theory over the past week, saying he had “not seen anything that suggests that conclusively”.

First of all, in terms of Secretary Pompeo, I want to extend my best wishes to him and his family. He just lost his father, and I know from recent experience how difficult that must be. He’s an extraordinary fellow and I’m sure his father would have been incredibly proud of him. So, all my best to you, Mike.

I’ve already made comment on these matters. I think what is important is we find out, and the world doesn’t yet know – I raised this at the meeting with international colleagues last night.

It’s not directed at anyone, we just want to know what happened so it doesn’t happen again. It’s a pretty honest question, with an honest intent and an honest motive.