Australia to embark on new Nationwide restrictions


In Australia, here is a roundup of the new nationwide new restrictions.

These come into effect at midnight on Monday.

Indoor and Outdoor Public gatherings

National Cabinet agreed to limit both indoor and outdoor gatherings to two persons only.

Exceptions to this limit include:

© People of the same household going out together;
© Funerals – a maximum of 10 people;
© Wedding – a maximum of 5 people;
© Family units.

Individual states and territories may choose to mandate and/or enforce this requirement.

National Cabinet’s strong guidance to all Australians is to stay home unless for:

© shopping for what you need – food and necessary supplies;
© medical or health care needs, including compassionate requirements;
© exercise in compliance with the public gathering requirements;
© work and study if you can’t work or learn remotely.

National Cabinet agreed that playgrounds, skate parks and outside gyms in public places will be closed. Bootcamps will be reduced to two persons, including the trainer.