Asus dual screen laptop featuring two 4K touchscreen displays

ASUS leans into dual-screen laptops with the ZenBook Pro Duo

A year ago during Computex, ASUS presented the ZenBook Pro 14 and 15, with a touchscreen instead of a normal touchpad. This year in Taipei, it took the idea of an inherent second screen and went a lot further with it, revealing new forms of the ZenBook with much bigger second screens.

Rather than simply supplanting the touchpad, the 14-inch second screen on the new ZenBook Pro Duo extends right over the gadget over the console, going about as both an augmentation and companion to the primary 4K OLED 15.6-inch show.

The touchpad-replacement on last year’s ZenBook Pros seemed like a novelty, with the bonus of giving you a small, extra screen for messaging apps, videos and simple utility apps like a calculator.

ZenBook Pro Duo’s main draw is multitasking

The much larger size of the second screen on the ZenBook Pro Duo, however, enables many new possibilities.

Both of its screens are touchscreens, and moving apps between the windows with your finger take a little bit of getting used to, but it is simple and intuitive (frequently used apps can also be pinned).

The ZenBook Pro Duo’s main draw is multitasking, enabling you to monitor your email, send messages, watch videos, keep an eye on news headlines and other tasks while you use the main screen for apps like Office 365 or video conferences.

Basically, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 14 is designed for anyone who likes using a second monitor (or is tired of propping up their phone or tablet as an improvised second screen) but also wants a PC with more portability.

At 2.5kg, the ZenBook Pro Duo is not the lightest laptop around but is still reasonably lightweight considering its specs and two screens.

ASUS also partnered with Harman/Kardon for its speakers, which means sound quality should be better than average. A smaller version, the ZenBook Duo, is also available, with Core i7 and a GeForce MX 250 and HD instead of 4K on both its displays.

ASUS hasn’t announced pricing and availability yet.