“As a wise man will you eat a food served to you by a woman who is angry with you?” – Cross asks as Angel serves him breakfast (Video)


Cross who was scared about eating the food Angel gave him, he questioned himself why Angel is suddenly nice to him and wondered if she has put something in the food.

To be on the safer side, he prayed before eating.

This morning, angle served breakfast to the young man but Cross seemed to be scared of eating the food, alleging that Angel had put something inside the food.

He went ahead to ask fellow house mate, Saga, “Is it wise for a man to eat a food served to him by a woman who does not talk with him?”.

Cross also told Saga who was present with him at the garden that, if he eats the food and die, he would be glad he died for love.

Cross had to say a prayer for some seconds before he started eating

If readers will recall, Angel has been giving Cross cold shoulders for some time now without any concrete reason. Cross went to the extent of begging her to forgive him for any wrong he has done to her.

Watch the video below;