“As a wife, make your home a place of peace for your husband, men needs respect, sex and peace” – Reno Omokri

In a recent development, controversial media personality Reno Omokri has shared an advice with married women.

He expressed that as a wife, it was important that you hug and calm your husband each time he returns from work. He also stated that women should desist from trying to pick a fight or quarrel every time their husband comes back from work.

He hammered on the importance of married women providing sanctuary for their husbands so that their husbands don’t end up going outside to look for another woman who would give them sanctuary.

In his words, he stated that as a wife,

“when your husband returns from work, hug him and calm him to wash away the stress of the day. Don’t wait for him to return and pick a fight or continue the quarrel you had with him before he went to work.

Make your home a sanctuary for him or some other woman will start working on him at work. There are two things men need more than sex, respect and peace.

Any woman who can give a man that will succeed is stealing him from a woman who deprives him of that, no matter how holy he is.”

Also recall that back in January of 2024, Reno Omokri had told men that if they have a wife that wakes her up by 4am to cook for them, then they are blessed among men.

He shared some heartfelt words for men whose wives wake up that early to cook for them. He highlighted the importance of having a spouse who is that willing to make sacrifices. This particular statement was also aimed at controversial Twitter personality Momizi, who revealed that she wakes up by 4am to cook for her husband.

According to Omokri, he expressed that it was not just about the food, but rather it was the fact that it represents a labour of love.

Back in March of 2024, Reno Omokri had given his insights on why Moses Bliss married from Ghana. He revealed that there was a pandemic of Nigerian men pandering to other countries to get married because Nigerian women were very materialistic.

He advised Nigerian women to stop being materialistic and if they still wanted to get married because it was becoming a pandemic.

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