“As a married person, you must be patience in every situation, or else, you might not stay married for long” – David Ibiyeomie speaks

Pastor David Ibiyeomie is the founder and presiding Pastor of the Port Harcourt based Salvation Ministry.

The cleric has taken to his official Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on marriage.

He revealed in his words that, ninety-five per cent of marriages that leads to divorce were caused majorly by impatience.

Most times, people are not patient, they always want their way in all situations hence, if it does not work as expected they walk out of the marriage.

This according to the cleric is very common in the western world. Most of the marriages that fold up over there were because of the impatient attitude of both partners.

As exhorted by the cleric in his words, love endures with patience. As a married person, you must be very patient in every situation. God, Himself has always been patient with you because, if He were to react to the series of disobedience you have always been going through, you would not be here anymore. But, God still endures your kind of life and permits you to go through the process of redemption.

The cleric has also advised married believers that, by all means, they must kindle the ability to be patient in their marriage. No matter how difficult you might be, learn to inculcate the attitude of patience in all situations or else, you might not stay married for long.

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