“As a man, money is not enough, you must be available emotionally” – Reaction as Blessing Okoro says women don’t like money but love

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing CEO has claimed that almost all the wives of rich men in Lagos are dating small boys.


She stated this to buttress her point that women like love not money.


Speaking during her recent TV show, she explained that men shouldn’t always be eager to show off their wealth to their love interest.


She opined that whatever way a man starts a relationship with a woman would be the way that he would have to continue it.


She said in part:


“Women don’t like money, they like love. Give a woman money she will give it to a boy that will show her love. As we dey for lagos city, almost all the wealthy men’s wives are dating small boys”


Read some comments below:


topman_tech said: “I will continue to say this, as a man it’s very very good to spend on your woman. All women love money and that’s fine. But trust me, money is not enough, you must be available emotionally, you must not be a ch..eat and the last part where many people pretend about is; YOU MUST be very good in the other room as a man, be very good 💪🏽💪🏽. Thank me later fellow men.”


iamkingdinero1 said: “How to Wear a shoe by Amadi the Cripple”


kallykuhn said: “Let’s be realistic and keep sentiment aside..Blessing is very smart. I know we don’t like the truth that’s why most things she say doesn’t go dow well with some people.”


maksey said: “I support her in this one, she’s 100% right ❤️”


Watch the video below:


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