“As a lady, you don’t choose who you want; you choose from who wants you” – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo advises; netizens react

Nigerian clergyman and relationship coach Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has sent a message to ladies about their choice of partners.

Taking to his Twitter page, he told them not to choose who they want but to choose from who wants them. He admonished them to start answering their DMs, replying to chats and picking up calls.

“As a lady, you don’t choose who you want; you choose from who wants you…

So start answering those DMs, reply to the chats and pick those calls”.

His statement has sparked debate online as many tackled him while others concurred with her.

One Isrealyn Nnabuko wrote, “I’m very sorry to disagree with you, Sir! If “As a lady… you choose from who wants you..,” every single lady ready for marriage would have been married by now. The truth is that as a lady, you choose who you want, and so you’re willing to wait”.

One Lone Wolf wrote, “I need so-called men of God to stop preaching dangerous messages that demean women. You’re trying to say women have limited options and will only have to pick from whoever comes? You, a man of God? Preaching that? What happened to asking God for what you want and receiving?”.

One Black Girl, Airneh, wrote, “I’m only choosing you if I want you too.
If men of God must go through this very cunny way to teach, can they at least “teach” well? Because at the end of the day, deep down, you know the aim of this tweet. But ride on.

One Wale Adeyemi wrote, “Sometimes some ladies just need social proof on the man that want them

One Lagos Cinematographer wrote, “Facts!!

One Oluwafumilayo wrote, “What if I don’t want the person that wants me?

One Bunmi wrote, “The people that want me, I don’t want them, Pastor sir

One Ihidya wrote, “Okay sir. But I don’t like all the people in my DM

One Fifi Nwa wrote, “PK, but the people in the DMs, I don’t want them

One Alex Ibeh wrote, “How? Explain, please

One Gina Ventures wrote, “What about we that don’t have anyone in our DM?

One Oluwatise wrote, “I no want who wants me oh

One 5 am Club wrote, “I will choose who I want. Thanks

One Ebanga wrote, “Ahh, that one go hard ooh”.

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