“As a girl living in Nigeria try and get your own money it will save you from unnecessarily sex” – Rapper, Erigga


Nigerian rapper, Erigga has taken to social media to school women on why they need to make their own and be self-dependent.

Erigga posited that for a woman living in Nigerian, it is imperative for you to get your own money because it will save you from sleeping with men unnecessarily. This tweet stems from the fact that men always demand se.x in return for favors and monetary gifts, hence a lady who depends on men for money will be used anyhow.

His assertion which was made on his verified Twitter page garnered thousands of aligning reactions from Nigerians across all social media platforms.

See some reactions below;

@kingdomingoloso wrote; “😓 That’s the sad reality in this current times. I wish people can help others, especially ladies without expecting knacks 😢”

@economicsng wrote; “Fact o! Don’t break the bank to slay, shop on a budget and live within your means.
It would save you a lot of unnecessary bedmatics! When you finally do, it’ll be because you want to.”

@codis_nab wrote; There’s no greater feeling and respect than having your own money as a lady. It’s so archaic depending on a man for just about everything.”

@kingprince_ wrote; “F*ck or no f*ck, just encourage them to be self dependent, it pays. Most importantly, guys go respect you.”

@nenejonesesq wrote; “I agree. But why would men always want to sleep with a lady because she needs their help? Can’t they just help without asking for sexual gratification? This mentality is sickening tbh.”