“Are you avoiding your hubby?” Troll asks Anita Joseph as she posts new photos


A man has asked Anita if she is avoiding her hubby, this he asked in a recent post of hers in which she also posted two pictures of hers.

The pictures she captioned “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with rain, sleep tight my cuties.”

While many commented about how beautiful she looked on the photos, a man asked her is she was avoiding her hubby.

In his words ” Are you avoiding your hubby?”

Anita replied by telling him, that the hubby was in her arms and asked him why he was asking.

The man replied that he hasn’t seen her hubby’s post for a long time.

In his words “No cause I haven’t seen his post for a long time, any problems”

Anita sensing the man just wanted to poke nose told him to go to her hubby’s account and see him there.