AQ slams Vector ‘you are an ingrate’

Rapper AQ

Rapper AQ has released his own dis  track aimed at slamming fellow rap artiste Vector.

The diss record titled ‘Distractions 2’ saw AQ going all in and dragging Vector silly as well as sending him a final warning.

Not stopping there, AQ took to his Twitter page to again slam Vector saying;

I did not talk about what happened with your group Badda boiz, I did not talk about a certain female rapper or your yankee trip for the mavado song and so on… Go ahead… Force my hand, you’d get Distraction 2, 3 and 4 at least, I got all month.

Get all the Social media influencers you want… Use all the social media tricks in the world… You can’t hide from the truth… You and I know what’s really going on. Don’t you ever in your life say you put me on, Fucking ingrate .