Aproko Doctor narrates how he was accosted by SARS in Lagos


A medical doctor, popularly known on Twitter as Aproko Doctor, has narrated how he was accosted by SARS officers in Mile 2, Lagos state.

He tweeted: “SARS almost picked me today o I was at Mile 2 about to pick a bike to Costain when one man just walked up to me Hello, who are you and may I know what do you do? My heart rate increased. My turn has finally come Another one materialised from nowhere with one scraggy ID card.”

He added: “They pointed to one small white bus, that I should enter so we could discuss further Me: I am a medical doctor and I have an emergency right now! I had to lie “Identify yourself then” I took out my ID card and showed them He gave the other signal and said you can go.”

He concluded his narration, writing: “So if you like have tattoo, have a low cut or dada, they can just walk up to you and force you to enter an unmarked vehicle Why? What sort of policing is that?”