“Anyone supporting the Ekiti Chef Cook-a-thon is an enemy of progress”- Daniel Regha says, gives reasons

Controversial social commentator, Daniel Regha, recently expressed his opinion regarding people supporting the Ekiti chef Dammy and her Cook-a-thon, labeling them as enemies of progress.

In a tweet, Daniel stated that while competition and breaking records are positive things, trying to hinder someone’s success is an act of evil.

He emphasized that Hilda should receive her Guinness World Records certificate before others plan to do a cookathon.

Daniel tweeted; “Anyone supporting the Ekiti cookathon is an enemy of progress; Yes, competition is a good thing & records are meant to be broken, but trying to stop someone’s success is evil.

“Hilda should receive a Guinness World Records certificate first, before anyone plans to do a cookathon.”

Reacting to the tweet, @ijoba commented: “A record is meant to be broken, Hilda record is still on review, if she can do 120hrs let her do it, that’s why it’s called record they all want to break the Guinness book of record.

“So let them cook. Stop forcing everyone to accept your ideas. Go and sleep man”

@teetalk commented: “People see cooking as an easier task, which is why they are making a quick attempt to break Hilda’s record. Do you think Poco Lee is not good enough to attempt Kaffi’s record?

“Dammy’s attempt at the Ekiti Cookathon is pure jealousy and hatred. No offense”

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