Anybody earning N200k in Nigeria is far better than those making £2k in UK – Allen Onyema

Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, has said it is better to earn good pay in Nigeria than foreign countries.

The businessman explained that a person who earns a N200,000 salary monthly in the country is better off than those earning £2,000 in the United Kingdom.

Onyema stated this during this while appearing as a guest on TVC’s Breakfast show on Wednesday, where he talked about the economic crisis and strength of the Naira.

The Airline boss said he agrees that the bulk of the naira depreciation issue “artificial”. He said he believes that the Nigerian currency has more value than is being projected when compared to other foreign currencies.

Onyema said; “Go to London, if you earn two thousand pounds a month in London, you’re a pauper. What two thousand pounds can afford you is like two thousand Naira. The person earning two hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria is better.”

He further broke down his assertion by stating that with earnings of 200,000 on a montly basis, a Nigerian working class individual can afford a maid, a driver and other domestic staff.

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Read some comments…

mumzy_mides; Na lie ooooo😂😂😂make una no listen to him 🙌🙌🙌 all their children are schooling abroad and moreover he’s already rich

akorayday; He’s got a point but the Maid and Driver won’t have dignity in their labour. They will live in poverty and their offspring might be a nuisance to the society so the poverty circle and mentality continues…..The secret of a wealthy and dynamic economy is a strong middle class where there’s dignity in Labour then pay your fair share of taxes. After doing Duty and expect your Rights.

neffier02; Poor analysis sir, currently how much is the local flight ✈️ in Nigeria 🇳🇬 is it included for the 200k earner’s , quality medical bill is also included in your 200k I will stop here for now now please the elites should stop lying to theirselves and to Nigerians as well.

You guys will always exclude all the benefits abroad people get from their government because you want to lie and deceive us we will all leave the country for you guys to govern yourselves by God’s grace, abroad is great in ramification. Peace of mind is very costly in Nigeria.

Good food is very expensive in Nigeria. No job for an ordinary citizen. No good medication and no good hospital. No good transport system and the list is too long ooo Chief rephrase your talk

xin_nightwolf; Why won’t you say that.. it’s funny how the elite class .. the rich ones are the ones who’s gonna tell us how 200k will get you a maid and a driver? Bro you can’t even eat and transport yourself to work for a month!

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