Anthony Joshua lacks boxing brain to beat Tyson Fury – Fury’s Trainers


Andy Lee and Ben Davison, trainers of the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury has written off the mental and physical abilities of the heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua to win over Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury

Both trainers believe Anthony Joshua doesn’t possess enough boxing brains to take down Fury even though he has improved in certain areas of his game, making reference to his match against mexican fighter, Andy Ruiz, The Sun reports.

Andy Lee said;

“Mentally Tyson is among the strongest people you will ever meet. But he is also genetically made for boxing.

“Those tactics worked against Wilder because it was the perfect way to fight Wilder but I think the approach would be something similar if he were to fight Joshua, just maybe a little bit more careful.

“Joshua is a much better fighter than Wilder, all-round, physically stronger, bigger and more athletic, with better basics.

“But I am not sure how he would handle Tyson going at him in that way.”

Davidson on the other hand said;

“You have to give credit where it is due, Joshua showed versatility with the way he won the Ruiz rematch but that has always been one of Tyson’s greatest strengths.

“That versatility is a huge strength of Tyson’s and, now Joshua has shown that too, the first few rounds will be very interesting as they both want to take the initiative.

“I still just feel Tyson is more versatile and mentally super-strong.

I think Tyson vs AJ has become a lot more of an interesting fight because, although it may have seemed that I was always critical of Anthony Joshua, I wasn’t.

“I just knew that his style and limitations were ideally suited to Tyson.”